Ta ta! Christmas Deal is out! Are you ready for Christmas? What do you wish for Christmas? Something you truly want? Or are you struggling still to come up with a perfect gift idea for your mom who deserves some major pampering? Our homes are overloaded with things, so we don't want things but experience nowadays. I may able to help you.

Imagine a "Supermodel/Celebrity" experience, a pampering Vanity Fair magazine style photoshoot. You decide who you want to share this experience with, it can be just you, or with your best friend, your mother, daughter? 

I tell you you will feel and look so fabulous and have so much fun. And be sure to plan a night out afterward, because you will be looking amazing!

These photo sessions including hair & makeup will be about 3-4 hours long at my new studio in St. Johann, Basel.

Just as a little incentive to get you sharing happy, I will be giving away one 300.- gift voucher to one lucky winner. 
To enter: 
1) Leave a comment below and tell me why you want this. 
2) Tag a friend on FB or Instagram who you want to share this experience with

Gift Voucher available in 100.- all the way up to 6000.- (Good for weddings as well)
All 500.- & up Voucher purchase includes hair & makeup (Value 250.-) for up to two persons. 
Go get one now here.

Gift Voucher 500