I feel always so excited when expecting moms calls me for a maternity session. One reason being that I loved my pregnancy with our daughter. It was such a beautiful and exciting time. I felt so good and happy. I remember I felt on top of the world. 

Now, I know that let alone a "good" pregnancy, but any pregnancy should not be taken for granted. I have myself experienced two miscarriages, and I heard from many couples who have experience difficulty getting pregnant. I feel for you, the frustration and disappointment. I have been there.  I truly wish that every couple who wishes to have children shall have their wish granted. So that's the reason why I am all for celebration when it comes to pregnancy. We should celebrate and cherish this very special time of our lives. Also, for our children, to show them where they came from! Our daughter loves those images of her in my belly. 

Back to this gorgeous expecting mom on this post. Viviane called me and told me that she would like to have some beautiful portraits of her and her glorious baby bump. She wants to surprise her partner with a gorgeous wall art print. Viviane looked stunning as she walked in the door, she feels fit and happy. She has this fire red hair, her back and arm are adorned with intricate poetic colorful tattoos. Such a cool looking expecting mom! I knew right away the cool images I can make with her style. Like a natural, we moved through different poses and focus. Here are the results. Thank you Viviane for your permission to share these images! You rock! 

If you are an expecting mom and is thinking about a maternity session. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your maternity session