Dear Gorgeous Mama-to-be Leela and Papa-to-be Zeljko,

I had so much fun with you two on our time together!! You had the best look for what I was going for and I am blown away by your stunning beauty, your glorious goddess form and glow. I love your style, the sweet accessories you brought along were perfect! Also how open you were to my suggestions and to my ideas, so this session really just fit both of our style so perfectly. I hope that when your precious bundle of joy is born that you two will enjoy looking back to these memories when your little one was still in your belly. I already know your little girl is going love these images and you two will be wonderful parents.

Seeing you two lovely people so happy together and the look on both of your faces - the oh-so-tender looking-forward-to-becoming-parents-soon expression, truly brought me so much fond memories of my own pregnancy with my daughter. So excited for you two! I can't wait to meet baby girl! I wish you a brilliant rest of your pregnancy.

with love,