Natalia is one of those women who are truly blessed, not only does she have the good looks and intelligence, but she leads such an amazing, healthy and interesting life, married with Thomas Bachtold, whom I call Indiana Jones of our time, now living a year in Europe, exploring this part of the earth with their two gorgeous girls.

We found out we have so much in common that we clicked since the first day we met. Natalia was a successful model, she had appeared on numerous magazines/catwalk, then she met her big love and moved to lived in Palau, go on to become an award-winning underwater photographer/videographer. Besides being a full time rocking mom, she is also the eyes/brain behind of LoneLily, specializes in underwater portraits. 

So when Natalia asked me to photograph her, you can imagine how excited and happy I was. Natalia wanted to feel beautiful and sexy again. She is so busy with her kids, she feels kind of she has lost it. So we decided to keep this Empowerment Session very classy, fun, carefree & sexy. We striped her down to a white button down shirt of her husband, which is just perfect to show off her never-ending legs. I messed up her hair for an effortless-just-got-out-bed look, pair with a natural flawless makeup with a touch of smoke on her eyes and color on her lips. Natalia is really a pro and gave me such a variety of poses and expressions. We had so much FUN! Here is a small selection of images that we made into an album for a surprise anniversary present for her hubby. What a lucky man! 

I think as we become a mother, something changed in us. We dedicated ourselves to our family, and very often, we forget about ourselves. We dress differently, no more heels (at least for me!) we might not even have time to take a shower, let alone makeup. I truly believe, taking care of ourselves is THE key to our family's happiness, not only our own but our family's. Mom needs to be happy to take care of her family. Have you seen this video with Jada Pinkette Smith and I love how she puts it. 

How do you feel about motherhood? What fuels you? What is your favorite way to pamper yourself? Please leave a comment below and share with us your tips and tricks to feel sexy and beautiful.