Love spans across oceans and countries and knows no borders. When a couple falls madly in love, they will do whatever it takes to be together. Move to another country? Learn another language? These all takes consider amount of courageous. Have you or would you move to another country for love? I am an expat myself, moved here for love and I love living here, but I do miss my home countries a lot. 

I felt a connection with Emily & Alain right away. Emily is American and Alain is Swiss. The two fell in love and Emily now lives here. I told them I have also done the same 15 years ago. Maybe it was pure luck or destiny, sometimes, we just know, that this is the person we want to spend our lives with. Have you ever experience that? I asked the sweet couple, "Did you know when you first met? Was it love at first sight?", they flashed back to the moments they first met, Emily & Alain gave me the biggest smile, giggled and looked deep into each other's eyes, embraced and kissed.

After some romantic bride and groom portraits at the historical Münster Church courtyard, a champagne color Rolls Royce - a surprise organized by the thoughtful groom, rolled up in front of us to pick the soon-to-be-wed couple to go to the reception venue, Burg Reichenstein in Arlesheim. By now, the couple had already attracted many curious bystanders and they looked on admiringly, couldn't resist to take out their iPhones, iPads to snap photos after photos of them. Emily smiled and moved elegantly into her gold carriage like a butterfly queen. I was so delighted and surprised when they invited me to share their ride to the castle! Of course, at the front seat, I am blessed with a beautiful view: two persons, deeply in love and all ready to declare their devotion to each other. Surrounded by a golden rim of lights, they are simply photo perfect. I feel so honored and privileged to share these intimate moments with my couples. And the ride is oh so sweet. Thank you! 

Fun fact: Alain told us that the name of little golden Angel's on a Rolls Royce is actually Emily!

Here is some sneak previews to the first part of their dreamy wedding day in Basel. Many congratulations to Emily & Alain. You two are a dream match, may your love for each other last forever!

Dress: Vera Wang
Hair & Makeup: Pure Aveda
Location: Münster, Basel