Congratulations! You have booked your session, you are one step closer to create some dream portraits, are you excited? 
Like every thing good, there involve a bit of prep work to ensure the best result. 

 Your portrait session usually is about 2-4 weeks after our initial consultation. So that you have ample time to prepare. 
Besides your first task of gathering your outfits together, check out my online Style Guide. It will be taking care of your beauty.
I like you to give a little more love & attention to yourself the coming weeks because it will make a huge difference in how you feel and how you look. Remember, when you look good, you feel good. 

I have picked up these tips up from my modeling day. Here is a checklist I like to share with you.  
The five areas we will focus on are Face, Hair, Hands & Body.

With 2-4 weeks time before your session, you can now decide on which beautification steps you like to prep/pamper yourself with. Schedule in the appointments with your hairdresser, manicurist, pedicurist (or even they are just DIY appointments).

*Remember, these tips are here to help gather ideas for preparing for your shoot, but are definitely not required, or even necessary for everybody. Everyone is unique. Choose what fits into your budget, lifestyle, and current beauty regimen and start off from there.

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Beauty Guide Basel

Whiten Teeth. There are lots of teeth whitening options out there. Gel tray, charcoal, Blue LED light. Or go organic with strawberry or natron.

Deep Clean. You won’t believe what is left on your face until you try miceller water. I couldn’t believe it. I love this miceller water to really take everything off my face.

Care for your pout. Exfoliate your lips by using a soft toothbrush. Wear lip balm constantly. I love this one from Biotherm.

No Picking. A pimple is very easy to cover with makeup or retouch on photoshop but scabs and flaky patches are more tricky. Not to mention, it might spread and get worst. I had a really bad case of acne which lasted for a couple years not long ago. It was painful and not pretty. Don't pick, squeeze or do anything. Do whatever it takes. Stop examining your face close up. Just let it heal by itself. What I do is to put one blob of Retin A serum right on the spot before going to bed. Usually within one or two days, it will dry up and die.

Create a Ritual. I am a big fan of May Lindstrom's ritual along with her collection of skincare products. The ingredients she uses are all organic, bio-dynamic, wildcrafted, cruelty-free, 
sustainable, conscious, environmentally and socially. It is rare that you find a line of potent beauty product line that embodies all the above point which I care deeply about. Besides they come in beautiful glass jars and all smell like heaven and they last for such a long time.

Btw, you literally can eat The Honey Mud face mask. But who would eat such a precious face mask? My daughter can tell you, she does, she literally grabs my face and licks it off to have a taste of this glorious mask. We should take time to connect with ourselves in our skin. Women & men alike. It is ever more important that we do these rituals because we are so busy the whole day. I basically follow May’s Step-by-Step ritual which she generously shared here.

You can use your fav products, but if you are into serious skin treats like me, do check out her website, you have to see her collection of delicious and luxury skin treats. You won't regret it. 

Another note on exfoliation, be sure to exfoliate a couple times before your appointment but remember allow a few days between ‘treatments’ for your skin to regenerate. You don't want to overdo it. 

Eyebrows. These babies are the frame to your face.  An eyebrow trim/touch up at home should be done a day or two before the shoot. Although I recommend going to the pros to get them shaped, waxed or threaded. Be sure to schedule the appointment for at least a few days before your photo shoot. If you are thinking about microbladding your brow, you need at least 2-3 months time from start to finish, so don't do it before a shoot. It is simply not enough time. Although if you are planning months ahead for your session, this is a good option for fuller brows which will make you look younger. I truly love mine, it was worth the pain that I had to go through. In the meantime, your makeup artist will define your brow with just pencil and powder.  They work just as well. 

Get an Eyelash Fill. Lashes enhance your eyes, they just simply do. If you usually have eyelash extensions, be sure to have them refreshed a few days before your session. Don’t get lash extensions if they aren’t in your regular routine. We can apply false lashes at the shoot for you if you like the look. I use a serum to boost the growth of my natural ones. Btw, you can also use it for your eye brows.

Upper lip hair remover. Here is an article you can read all about how to do it. Or just go to the pro.


Touch Up Your Roots. If you color your hair, touching up your roots about three days before your photoshoot is best. But remember though this is not exactly the time for drastic changes.

Get a Trim. If you haven't had a trim since a while, it makes your hair look healthy and vibrant.

Deep Condition. While you are at your hairdresser, why not get also a professional conditioning treatment, or you can DYI at-home, grab deep conditioner and sit back with a face masque. I love these sheet mask from Korea. Soak it all up with a cup of herbal tea. Create a mini home spa experience for yourself.  


Start Stretching. Try to stretch for 20 minutes each day before your shoot. Especially your neck, back, and hips.

Begin a Skincare Regimen. Wash your face nightly, exfoliate your body every other day, use moisturizer on your full body every day. I love to use aloe vera gel then go over it with an oil like extra virgin coconut oil or rose oil from Dr Hauscka.

Body Hair. Wax or shave the hair on your legs and underarms. Depending on how revealing your outfit choices are, you may also need to take care of your bikini area.


Get a Gel Manicure. Gel polish keeps your nails strong (and lasts up to three weeks).