People often ask me if I bring my “big camera” everywhere I go. While I probably should, I don’t. Like most of you, I’ve come to rely on my smartphone camera.

While my DSLR and pro lenses can do a lot of things that my smartphone can’t, my phone’s camera is just so convenient. It’s always in my pocket or bag and I don’t have to think about keeping an eye on expensive equipment when I’m out and about with my friends and family. 

Plus, a smartphone does a pretty darn good job of capturing the everyday moments of my life. I’ve put together some of my favorite tips and tricks for making the most out of your smartphone camera. I hope you enjoy them!

Let’s get started!

TIP #1

If you feel like your smartphone pictures lack sharpness, the solution could be as simple as holding your camera with two hands and standing still.

We’ve all held our phone out in front of us with one hand to take a picture. Sometimes we even do it while walking. 

Stop! Whether you’re shooting in portrait or landscape mode, holding the phone in two hands and resting your elbows against your torso for stability will give you the best chance of taking a sharp picture.

The camera shutter isn’t released until you take your thumb off the shutter button on the touchscreen. Try pressing the shutter button before you frame your shot and then gently release the button. This is especially helpful when shooting indoors in low light because it eliminates the impact of your finger pressing the button and potentially making the camera shake.

Try This: The volume + button on the side of the phone can also be used to release the shutter and greatly decrease camera shake.

I hope that you find this tip helpful! Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions. And stay tuned, our next tip will help you get rid of dark, blurry photos.