Maybe you know this feeling too, I noticed that I find very few photos of me with my dad together as he was always taking the photos. I look like I grew up a single parent family. I think it is a common problem we all have. 

Lorenzo came to me for some new portrait for work, he recently started his own company and needed to update his profile photo. He said he hates being photograph, and I said most people are, I promise him that it will be painless, quick & even fun.
The kids were still on holiday, so he took them with him, I took the chance to take a few shots with his precious children together. Look how proud they are for each other?

I really want all children to own at least one great printed portrait with their father. 

I think it is so important for both parents to exist in photos for our children. Because one day they will be looking for these photos of you with them together. What do you want the next generations to find?

What do you think of the result? When was the last time you had a proper portrait with your dad? Your mother? Or your kids?  

Trust me, it will become your greatest possession.

Did you know that my sessions are design especially for you? You can be photographed in as many outfits, styles, with anyone you want. It is all about you.

Let’s chat about how you like to be photographed. You can use the messages button on the lower right hand corner to chat with me personally.

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What is your most treasured possessions cession? Photos of children and grandchildren, more and more
— Nancy Pelosi