All it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face.  
— Association for Psychological Science.


One of the most challenging parts of preparing for a headshot session is trying to decide what to wear. Overall there are no strict rules, but there are many factors to consider in order to ensure that you look your best on your new headshots.


Be sure to choose outfits that are appropriate for your type of work and industry position.  If you are unsure, then go more conservative with a classic neckline that’s flattering.

A V-neck elongate and height to shorter necks. The neckline is super important!


Tank tops look amazing toned arms. If you want to show off your arms – tank tops can work beautifully, however, long sleeves tend to work better than short sleeves. Add a lightweight well-fitted jacket over a tank to cover arms and give a more polished look.  


Fitted and tailored clothing works best. Loose or baggy tops will make you look bigger than you might want. I can use my magic on Photoshop to fix pimples, wrinkles, and shine, but oversized or undersized clothing can screw up a great headshot otherwise.

TIP: Put on your outfits and take some quick closeup photos with your phone so you can see yourself. Simple is always better. And make sure you transport your outfits in a garment bag to avoid wrinkling them. VERY IMPORTANT!


In general, solids are better than patterns. Although avoid pastels if you have light skin tone – they can wash you out. If in doubt bring one neutral color that is light (think cream, beige or white), one neutral tone that is darker (think black, brown, gray), and then one brighter color option.  

If you have long dark brown or black hair and then wear black, your hair will blend more into the clothing, so you may want to consider a lighter colored top. For more mature ladies, lighter colors may be more flattering and fresh than all black as darker colors near face can draw more attention to wrinkles.

Tip: Bring a simple, classic well-tailored white blouse. They look good with all hair colors, all skin colors, and reflect the best light. That's what we want! A bright shine radiating from you!


My power ladies, please bring along a skin color bra that does not show through your garments and make sure that they fit well and seamless. Nude bras are a must for lighter colors. Strapless bras are great to have and absolutely no ruffled or lacy bras if your shirt fabric is sheer and tight.  Bring a bra that FITS and flatters your body. If your bra is too tight it can easily make you look overweight, just as a bar that is not supportive enough could also make you look overweight. Make sure to try on your top with your bra and check in bright light to see if you can see through.

TIP: Always go with nude. Bring multiple options in case you decide to go with a different wardrobe styling. Being prepared with options is always better!


Accessories are fun to have, but be sure to choose accessories that do not overpower your face.  A giant pair of earrings or a crazy necklace is not a good choice. When in doubt, I always go with pearls, it is elegant and classy. It works almost with all outfit.

TIP: Simplicity is always the best.  Choose your accessories wisely, and keep it simple.


Anything that you wouldn't wear to a date. Avoid anything that are too loose or baggy clothing, see-through tops, wrinkled tops, crazy busy patterns, big ruffles, sometimes cap sleeves or loose short sleeves do not work well, jackets that are too little for you, shirts that are too tight causing your buttons to look like they could bust out at any moment.

Keep with a clean classy look will ensure that your photos will have longevity and still flatter you a year or 2 later.

So please bring anything that feels good and looks good on you. If you are still unsure of what to wear, book a session with STYLEMIXERS! Sophie will help you sort that out. She is a professional personal stylist based in Basel. A wonderful and charming lady.

My goal is to create a truly empowering portrait experience for you from start to finish. This includes consultation, make-up and hair, styling and wardrobe.

When was the last time you have updated your profiles? Are you happy with your current online presence? I can help you with that.