Fitness model coach Emily Haug Carmen Wong Fisch Photography


Emily trained my for a couple of months this summer. I never had a personal trainer before. And I think having a trainer really help me stay accountable. She checks in on me with my progress, my meal plan. I feel like I don’t want to let her down. So get a trainer.

Fitness coach Emily Haug


Choose your game. Move your body. I varied from jumping/running/dancing on my Bellicon. For about 15-20 minutes every other day. I put on some good pumping music. When I slack and I feel it.

Fitness model coach Emily Haug
Fitness model coach Emily Haug Carmen Wong Fisch Photography EVO Gym

You should actually see Emily's personal transformation. Maybe you have see this gorgeous lady a couple years back on her wedding blog post. She is actually my wedding client. That's how we met. She already looked stunning, but she wanted to upgrade herself. Check out her Instagram to see her Before & After. I saw her updates and got some inspired. I wanted the same. I wanted abs. YES! I want abs and arms like her. And to see that it is possible in just a few months on someone I knew. I was determined to get my dream abs. I will do a post on that under the new Fitness section on the blog.

Fitness model coach Emily Haug Carmen Wong Fisch Photography
Fitness model coach Emily Haug Carmen Wong Fisch Photography


Make Appointments. When booking your salon and spa appointments, be sure to follow the timeline on the Beauty Guide I will give you. Many treatments are time-sensitive, (example: waxing your brows shouldn’t be booked too close to your shoot to avoid redness).

Drink More Water. We all know water is important, yet we still forget to drink enough. Start now. Get a pretty bottle like this might help. 

Avoid the Sun. Sunburns and tan lines are portrait ruiners.

Use sunscreen and stay in the shade.

Don’t Pick (or Bite). Especially your skin, lips, and nails.

Develop a Pinterest Addiction. Use our shared pin board to design your dream photo shoot and get wardrobe and styling inspiration.



Basel Wedding

You're the bride - so you're going to be photographed a LOT. Here are some pointers for feeling like a pro in front of the camera all day long!

1. Find & hire a photographer who you really click with
Try to meet a few photographers to find the one who shares your vision and whom you can trust. If you don't get on well with your photographer, how can you expect to feel comfortable in front of their camera?

2. Getting your hair and makeup done professionally
But make sure it's your 'style'! You want to look the best possible version of yourself.
Trials for your hair and make-up are both essential for guaranteeing you feel comfortable on your wedding day. I recommend having your makeup test done on the day of your engagement session, talk about getting two birds with one stone. Also, make sure you have a pocket mirror available so you can check before the photographing begins that your lipstick is in place and there is no lipstick on your teeth or mascara smudges. 

3. Practice some poses you like in advance
Get some inspirations from magazines or blogs. Share these poses with your photographer. But don't over think it, practice holding a bouquet naturally. It is probably the first time you wear a big gown as well! Get your future husband to help out as well. Share these visions with him. 
That's why an engagement session is so important. I never shoot a wedding without an engagement session. 

4. Similarly, practice smiling with your eyes
No matter how happy you are on your wedding day, smiling for hours can be tricky. Smiling too much can also create crow feets around your eyes. Do practice in front of the mirror, a soft smile which comes through the eyes, and doesn't show your gum or lower teeth is much more flattering. Try 'The Squinch' (a technique coined by celebrity photog Peter Hurley).

5. Make sure you allocate enough time for your bride & groom pictures!
I know you want to enjoy your big day but please allocate at least 30 - 45 minutes quiet times for your bride & groom portraits. Trust me, you don't want to have to rush through them. It is the best perfect time for the two of you to take a breather as well. Do your research in advance: pick out gorgeous locations at your venue and share that with your photographer. Also, have plans for both indoor and outdoor images just in case of the weather.

6. Avoid drinking too much before your wedding photos
One glass of getting ready champagne is fine. Three shots of Tequila to steady your nerves, not so good. The last thing you want to do is look slightly drunk in front of the camera.

7. Consider your posture
Stand up straight, ladies! Think ballerina. Good posture is an instant way to look stunning on your wedding day - holding your shoulders back elongate your neck and can truly work wonders. Two other quick modeling tricks I learned that can subtly alter your appearance: lift your chin up a touch to make your neck look longer and eliminate double chin, also avoid holding your arms close to your body to make them look slimmer. 

I hope these tips will help you to prepare and look breathtakingly beautiful for your big day! If you have any tips or tricks that you rely on, please do share it with us in the comment below.
As always, celebrate all the little moments & accomplishments in your daily life. 


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was very lucky and felt amazing from the beginning to birth, I enjoyed the experience so much. It was a fascinating time, how my body changed and my skin was amazing, my hair was thick and shiny. I was almost a bit obsessed with documenting. I couldn't wait for my belly to show and I told tons and tons of photos (which unfortunately almost all but a few got erased by accident by my husband. You can imagine how sad I was (still when I think about it) Like most new parents, we had hardly any sleep after the birth, printing photos was the last thing on our mind. Don't make the same mistake I did, please make sure to print out your favourite photos, even from your Iphone! We simply can't rely on digital only. That's also why I decided to focus on creating actual physical print work for my clients.

So now you have decided to invest into a session, to remember this glorious time of your life, here are some tips on how to prepare for your maternity session. 


  • Moisturize that belly! 
  • Bring along a few props: the ultrasound printout of your baby, perhaps flowers that are in season, or baby shoes.
  • Wear something that you feel comfortable and pretty in – long, flowy skirts, stick with solids are best, and strapless bras that coordinate with them. Tube dresses are great for showing off your shape. Bring a pair of regular jeans, not the belly panel ones. A button-up shirt also makes it easy to transition into showing your belly. Lacy dresses are very flattering and elegant. 
  • Accessories like a lovely necklace, earrings are great to bring along to go with your outfits.
  • If you’re doing semi-nude/implied nude photos, bras and underwear will create noticeable lines on your skin, so wear loose-fitting clothing to the shoot. You can add undergarments as necessary for photos later in the shoot.
  • Do bring your significant other! They are part of the story and greatly expand on the number of different photos you can make during your shoot. They should bring outfits that coordinate with what you’ll be wearing, or a dark long-sleeved shirt or sweater and dark pants. The focus should always be on you, your expressions, your emotions, your personality, your joy and your connection with the life that is growing inside of you.
  • Bring the big sister/brother. These images are priceless.
  • Get your makeup, hair and nails done will ensure your session to be a success.

Pregnancy is a miraculous time of a woman life, it is so worth to to remember this time.
Book your maternity session early enough to make sure the session falls between 26 to 32 weeks. Usually expecting moms are more mobile and still feeling fresh. Also many women experience water retention near the end of their pregnancy. Please don't wait until the last month to do the session. 

Book your own maternity now and capture this very special of your life.

Since you are getting prepare for your baby, have you find the perfect carrier?

My favourite carrier when my DD was a baby is Ergobaby. We have tried many and Ergo is my go to carrier. All my mom-friends love this one too. So I can highly recommend this. Choose one product from each of the Baby Carrier, Infant Insert, Teething Pad, Nursing Pillow and Swaddler categories below, and watch your special 25% Off price appear! Once you've chosen your perfect bundle, click the Checkout button to complete your purchase.Use this link here.  

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We all want and need a proper family portrait. Usually either one of the parents are never on the photo. We are the generation who might not have a portrait of our family. Because we only have smart phone photos and they are not good for printing anything bigger than the size of your palm.

I have now designed now my sessions to gear towards giving mom a precious ME Time first. Then the children/family can join in near the end. Still, you need to put together your outfits, so everyone look good together.

Deciding what to wear for your family portraits can be as challenging but doesn’t need to be.

Here are ten tips to help you select the perfect wardrobe for your family.


1. Coordinating colors not matching.
Pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that fit in that color scheme. Your outfits do not need to match but should go together and share a similar color palette. Also, avoid red, neon green, orange, or bright pink. 

2. Look at the color scheme of your home decor
Are you a fan of bright fun colors? Are you more earthy and neutral? Because you will be displaying these portraits in your home you want to certain that the colors of your clothes go with the color scheme of your home.

3. Bring on the accessories! 
I personally love accessories, not only they add to your outfit, they can be really fun to use in a session. Have your husband or son wear a tie for the mom to pull them in for a kiss. Necklaces for the children to play with or hats to play a mysterious look.

4. Put a limit on patterns
Some patterns can be fun, but definitely, it is a no go for everyone on the photo to have a different pattern, it may distract the final image if everyone is wearing something with patterns.

5. Shop in collections
It is always a good idea when you invest into a session, you might as well go something new and in the season. Not only will the clothes be sparkling clean and pressed, you can also take inspirations from their latest collection, if you have more than one child, it will be way easier to buy clothes for all your kids from one store. Their outfits will for sure be coordinated. And saves you lots of time too!

6. Plan ahead!
Once you have booked your family session, begin to plan the wardrobe straight away. You may think that certain dress might fit, or that outfit is clean, but if you wait until the day of or the day before the session, you may have an issue of fitting (kids grow so fast!) it might be dirty or needed to be iron. So don't wait until the last minute!

7. Stay away from cartoon characters
Your little girl loves her Elsa shirt, but you should try to hide it before the session. Characters on shirts can be very distracting.

8. Go for one similar palette for the whole family.

9. Think classic.
Lastly, these portraits will be on display in your home and treasured for years to come. So think simple, classic outfits, they will give your family portrait an overall timeless feel.

10. Moms, don’t forget about yourself!
As mothers, we dedicate ourselves to our family, do you also forget about yourselves sometimes? You pick out the perfect outfits for everyone, and what about you? Don't just pull something out of your closet that only looks "alright". You need to feel and look AMAZING in your family portrait! I suggest picking something out that looks gorgeous on you, then plan the rest of the family around THAT! It is already hard enough to get yourself IN the photos, so when you are finally in them, you want to feel and look amazing. 

Don't worry about your hair & makeup. We will have a stylist to take care of everything for you. Darling, now you are looking your part as the queen of the castle!

Do you need more ideas on what to wear in family photos? Check out my Pinterest boards for some more inspirations.


Vitra Brunch

I have been wanting to write this post for a while. Sometimes we wake up on Saturday/Sunday morning and don't feel like cooking, so we want to go eat brunch at a family friendly place. Then we will be like...where shall we go? I found a great list for family friendly brunch places in and around Basel on Tageswoche's blog, it is in German, so I translated it for you and added a couple of our favourite places. Including is the cool map they have created! How practical! 

La Fourchette: Klybeckstrasse 122 | Everyday until afternoon breakfast, except Wednesday. The Sunday Brunch is from 9 am.

Vitrahaus Cafe: Ray-Eames-strasse 1, Weil am Rhein | Monday to Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

Restaurant Hirscheneck: Lindenbergstrasse 23 | Sunday, 10 am - 15 pm |
 «Vegan-brunch» for 14 CHF

Les Gareçons: Badischer Bahnhof | Sunday, 10 am - 22 pm | «Vital» for 14 CHF

Zum Kuss: Elisabethenstrasse 59 | Mo - Fr from 8 am & Sunday from 10 am | «Little Breakfast» for 12 CHF

Café Bar Rosenkranz: St. Johanns-Ring 102 | Saturdays, from 9 am. | «Little Breakfast» for 11.50 CHF

Aktienmühle: Gärtnerstrasse 46 | Sonntag, 11 - 16 am. Buffet à Discrétion with local products, 20 CHF for adult, 10 CHF for kids to 12 years old.

Buffet Stellwerk: Vogesenplatz 1 | Sunday, 10 - 14 am (Reservate the day before). Buffet à Discrétion for 25 CHF (including drinks). 

Smuk: Feldbergstrasse 121 | Wed - Sa, 09 am - 15 pm. Vegi- (for 20.50 CHF), Fish- (for 23.50 CHF) und meat-Brunch (for 23.50 CHF). Sunday, 10 am - 15 pm. Buffet à Discrétion for 35 CHF (including 1 coffee/Tea and juice) 

Salz & Zucker: Wanderstrasse 65 | Tue - Fr, 08 am - 20 pm: Breakfast the whole day long  / Saturday & Sunday, 10 am - 14 pm: Buffet for 29.50 CHF (warm drinks and OJ included) 

ZicZac: Baslerstrasse 355, Allschwil | Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 14 pm. Brunchtastic for 40 CHF (adult, including drinks), 20 CHF (Kids from 7 to 13 years old, including drinks). 

Hotel Breite: Zürcherstrasse 149 | Saturday, 10.30 am - 13.30 pm & Sunday, 11.30 am - 14.00 pm. Buffet for 34.50 (Adult, including drinks), free: Kids to 6 years old (from 6 to 12 years old 2.50 per age year). 

Kunsthalle: Steinenberg 7 | Every 2. Sunday of the month, 10 am - 16 pm. Brunch à Discrétion for 59 CHF (Adult, including warm drinks and juice), 24 CHF (Kids from 4 - 12 years old, Including drinks.

Bistrot Crescenda: Bundestrasse 5 | Sunday, 11 am - 15 pm. Buffet à Discrétion for 37 CHF (Including warm drinks and juice). 

Tibits: Stänzlergasse 4 | Sunday, 09 am to 16 pm. Buffet for 4.10 CHF/100 g (Drinks separate).

Please leave your favourite brunch places in the comment below! I would love to hear from you and add to the list!


One of the most challenging parts of preparing for a headshot sessions is trying to decide what to wear. Overall there are no strict rules, but there are many factors to consider in order to ensure that you look your best.

Be sure to choose outfits that are appropriate for your type of work and industry position.  If you are unsure, then go more conservative with a classic neckline that’s flattering. A V-neck elongate and height to shorter necks, while tank tops look amazing toned arms.  If you want to show off your arms – tank tops can work beautifully, however, long sleeves tend to work better than short sleeves. Add a lightweight well-fitted jacket over a tank to cover arms and give a more polished look.  The neckline is super important! Fitted and tailored clothing works best. Loose or baggy tops will make you look bigger than you might want. I can use my magic on Photoshop to fix pimples, wrinkles, and shine, but oversized or undersized clothing can screw up a great headshot otherwise.

TIP: Put on your outfits for a friend and taking some quick closeup photos with your phone so you can see yourself. Simple is always better. And make sure you transport your outfits in a garment bag to avoid wrinkling them. VERY IMPORTANT! 

In general, solids are better than patterns. Although avoid pastels if you have light skin tone – they can wash you out. If in doubt bring one neutral color that is light (think cream, beige or white), one neutral tone that is darker (think black, brown, gray), and then one brighter color option.  If you have long dark brown or black hair and then wear black, your hair will blend more into the clothing, so you may want to consider a lighter colored top. For more mature ladies, lighter colors may be more flattering and fresh than all black as darker colors near face can draw more attention to wrinkles.

Tip: Bring a simple, classic well tailored white blouse. They look good with all hair colors, all skin colors, and reflect the best light. That's what we want! A bright shine radiating from you!

My power ladies, please bring along a skin color bra that does not show through your garments and make sure that they fit well and seamless. Nude bras are a must for lighter colors. Strapless bras are great to have and absolutely no ruffled or lacy bras if your shirt fabric is sheer and tight.  Bring a bra that FITS and flatters your body.  If your bra is too tight it can easily make you look overweight, just as a bar that is not supportive enough could also make you look overweight. Make sure to try on your top with your bra and check in bright light to see if you can see through.

TIP: Always go with nude. Bring multiple options in case you decide to go with a different wardrobe styling. Being prepared with options is always better!

Accessories are fun to have, but be sure to choose accessories that do not overpower your face.  A giant pair of earrings or a crazy necklace is not a good choice. When in doubt, I always go with pearls, it is elegant and classy. It works almost with all outfit. 

TIP: Simplicity is always the best.  Choose your accessories wisely, and keep it simple.


Anything that you wouldn't wear to a date. Avoid anything that are too loose or baggy clothing, see through tops, wrinkled tops, crazy busy patterns, big ruffles, (sometimes cap sleeves or loose short sleeves do not work well), jackets that are too little for you, shirts that are too tight causing your buttons to look like they could bust out at any moment.

Keep with a clean classy look will ensure that your photos will have longevity and still flatter you years later. 

So please bring anything that feels good and looks good on you. If you are still unsure of what to wear for your upcoming EMPOWERMENT PORTRAIT SESSION, book a session with STYLEMIXERS! Rachel and Sophie will help you sort that out. 

My goal is to create a truly empowering portrait experience for you from start to finish. This includes styling, make-up and hair, and wardrobe. I recommend all of my clients to schedule in a pre-shoot wardrobe consultation with STYLEMIXERS and have your makeup & hair professionally done with your hairdresser or just go to Seraina of K-PONY, so you will look and feel your absolute best for your Empowerment Portraits!

In need of a brand new look this summer? Book your own Empowerment Portrait Session now! 



Mariko and Jonathan called me for a session with their boy, Matty. They really wanted to have nice family portraits of them together. I get her, we have the exact same problem, we have thousands of photos with our daughter, sometimes with daddy, sometimes with me, but really great ones with all three of us, we only have a handful.  That's one of the reasons I love to photograph families. Because I know what the perfect family portrait means for them. 

They are such a sweet family and we had so much fun together, blowing bubbles, reading, etc. They chose their favorite family portrait and we framed it in a 40x50 classic light maple frame and also a sweet 20x20 photoblock with Matty's portrait. I can't wait for them to have that on display in their home!