Newborn Baby, Basel

Sneak peak time! Wow, I am so blown away by this beautiful baby! BB is 10 days old and just look at his face! Oh so precious. He is such a great baby model. 

If you want angelic peaceful sleepy newborn baby photos, these portraits are best taken around 4-10 days. I think newborns are angelic sleeping or with open eyes, but it is just much easier to handle when they are sleep. They let you guide them to poses which would be difficult if they are awake and kicking about. BB was very sleepy as I used my secret sleepy inducer-heating pad. He was naked but toasty enough to sleep almost through the session. It was also very important to feed baby just before or when I am setting up. Full belly almost sure bring snoozy time. But I was lucky enough to capture some photos with his big beautiful eyes open which parents love as well. I will be posting those soon. 

Welcome on earth BB! It is such a great honor to be your first photographer!