We all want and need a proper family portrait. Usually either one of the parents are never on the photo. We are the generation who might not have a portrait of our family. Because we only have smart phone photos and they are not good for printing anything bigger than the size of your palm.

I have now designed now my sessions to gear towards giving mom a precious ME Time first. Then the children/family can join in near the end. Still, you need to put together your outfits, so everyone look good together.

Deciding what to wear for your family portraits can be as challenging but doesn’t need to be.

Here are ten tips to help you select the perfect wardrobe for your family.


1. Coordinating colors not matching.
Pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that fit in that color scheme. Your outfits do not need to match but should go together and share a similar color palette. Also, avoid red, neon green, orange, or bright pink. 

2. Look at the color scheme of your home decor
Are you a fan of bright fun colors? Are you more earthy and neutral? Because you will be displaying these portraits in your home you want to certain that the colors of your clothes go with the color scheme of your home.

3. Bring on the accessories! 
I personally love accessories, not only they add to your outfit, they can be really fun to use in a session. Have your husband or son wear a tie for the mom to pull them in for a kiss. Necklaces for the children to play with or hats to play a mysterious look.

4. Put a limit on patterns
Some patterns can be fun, but definitely, it is a no go for everyone on the photo to have a different pattern, it may distract the final image if everyone is wearing something with patterns.

5. Shop in collections
It is always a good idea when you invest into a session, you might as well go something new and in the season. Not only will the clothes be sparkling clean and pressed, you can also take inspirations from their latest collection, if you have more than one child, it will be way easier to buy clothes for all your kids from one store. Their outfits will for sure be coordinated. And saves you lots of time too!

6. Plan ahead!
Once you have booked your family session, begin to plan the wardrobe straight away. You may think that certain dress might fit, or that outfit is clean, but if you wait until the day of or the day before the session, you may have an issue of fitting (kids grow so fast!) it might be dirty or needed to be iron. So don't wait until the last minute!

7. Stay away from cartoon characters
Your little girl loves her Elsa shirt, but you should try to hide it before the session. Characters on shirts can be very distracting.

8. Go for one similar palette for the whole family.

9. Think classic.
Lastly, these portraits will be on display in your home and treasured for years to come. So think simple, classic outfits, they will give your family portrait an overall timeless feel.

10. Moms, don’t forget about yourself!
As mothers, we dedicate ourselves to our family, do you also forget about yourselves sometimes? You pick out the perfect outfits for everyone, and what about you? Don't just pull something out of your closet that only looks "alright". You need to feel and look AMAZING in your family portrait! I suggest picking something out that looks gorgeous on you, then plan the rest of the family around THAT! It is already hard enough to get yourself IN the photos, so when you are finally in them, you want to feel and look amazing. 

Don't worry about your hair & makeup. We will have a stylist to take care of everything for you. Darling, now you are looking your part as the queen of the castle!

Do you need more ideas on what to wear in family photos? Check out my Pinterest boards for some more inspirations.