Iris Eggler Carmen Wong Fisch Photography
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Iris Eggler, an amazing opera singer, conductor & teacher whom I have known for a quite a few years now. She used to live with my in-laws. I have always enjoyed our interaction. She is so talented and has a voice that can rock your core. She is also amazing with children. I still remember one Christmas, she was there with my family and she was telling my daughter and her cousin a story from a book, the children and I were totally captivated. She really has an incredible way to connect with others. 

I loved our session together. It was just me and her at my studio. I did her makeup & hair, I convinced her to try fake lashes. If you don't know already, I am a bit obsessed with lashes. I have always been and always will. I mean which Asian girl doesn't want more lashes? I have a selection of lashes to choose from, different length and thickness. We ended up using these fabulous 3D lashes to add some extra oomph, I am so happy that she ended up loving them (it can feel a bit weird for the first 5 minutes for ladies who never try fakes before). I told her if she doesn't like after lunch, we can take them off. I really love love love this getting ready part of the shoot. 

Iris told me that now is the perfect time to make some new portrait to remember the special period of her life. Because she has finally settled down in Basel and really loving her new job as a music teacher.  She can do so much creative work there and give back all the knowledge she has accumulated, I can imagine the value an amazing music teacher can bring to a child's life. Music is such a gift and pleasure in life. I personally am still thankful that my mother gave me piano lessons. Iris is loved and adored by all the students. She showed me videos and songs she has written. It is really amazing to see her talk about her students, her projects and just radiates love and joy. 

I really love personal branding portraits. we get to spend a whole day together. And I have the privilege to witness an "outer transformation". I can witness the inner beauty/strength come through. It is quite an incredible experience.

When I showed Iris the Making-of video, she cried, tears of joy. She hugged me and thank me with all her heart. I was so touched and had to cry too. She bought a big print for her mother. She said her mama will be so proud. She is her biggest fan.

Somehow, these images changed her perception of herself. She became my/her own masterpiece. 

Are you also experiencing in a special time of your life? Do you want to experience an "outer transformation" to come closer to who you are deep inside? 



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