Terms and Conditions

  1. Payments – Full payment is due upon booking. For Collections over 1000.- payment plan is available upon request.

  2. Delivery of Finished Product – The client is to come to the Reveal Session after 3 weeks to view the final images. Full payment is required to receive the products. 

  3. High Resolution Files – Where the ownership of the high-resolution digital files (negatives) are included with all of the package, you agree to assume full responsibility for the care and condition of said digital files. PHOTOGRAPHER recommends storing copies in several locations, including off site storage. PHOTOGRAPHER is not responsible for the  reproduction of enlargements from these files that been taken to non-professional and/or consumer type labs. PHOTOGRAPHER will keep a copy of these files for 1 years after the date of the above stated service. Requests for additional and/or replacement copies of these files will incur an additional cost of 300.-/set.

  4. Time Required – The customer should attempt to provide PHOTOGRAPHER with adequate time to perform the photo shoot portion. PHOTOGRAPHER cannot be held responsible for timelines that do not run on schedule and subsequently cut down the time allotted for photos, thereby not providing the family with all the photos expected. 

  5. Permits – The client is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits required for photo locations and to make arrangements to have said permit available on the event date.

  6. Copyright/Usage – PHOTOGRAPHER will retain the full copyright of the photographs and permission is hereby given for PHOTOGRAPHER to use these photos for future advertising, studio display, competition, exhibits and/or reproduction. See Model Release.

  7. Exclusive Rights – It is understood that PHOTOGRAPHER is the exclusive Official Photographer retained to perform the services requested.  

  8. Postponement / Cancellation – In the event of postponement or cancellation of the affair/contract, PHOTOGRAPHER will use the retainer fee towards a replacement date that is suitable to our schedule.

  9. Studio Liability – PHOTOGRAPHER will take the utmost care with respect to the production, post-production and delivery of the photo(s). However, in the event PHOTOGRAPHER fails to comply with the terms in this contract, due to any event or act outside the control of PHOTOGRAPHER, is limited to the retainer fees ONLY.

  10. Travel Expenses – PHOTOGRAPHER charges a travel expense locations outside of Basel area.