Headshots are supposed to convey that you are a confident and polished professional so take the time to choose clothes that convey that message. Here are a few more tips for you to prepare for your photoshoot.

  • Take at least one of dark and one set of light color outfits, so we can experiment with a dark or a bright background. I usually do a black, white or grey background for corporate headshots.

  • Don’t wear anything too trendy and avoid any pattern. It’s best to choose something with a fall or winter look rather than a summer style.

  • Make sure all the outfits are nicely pressed, lint & wrinkle-free.  And be sure to transport them in a garment bag instead of folded up in a suitcase. 

  • Solid colour clothes are less distracting and put the focus on your face and eyes.

  • Be sure to bring along the correct undergarment to go with your outfits.
    Best is to bring seamless (not lace) nude colour bra. That goes well under anything.

  • Bring along your favourite lipstick and some earrings or necklaces.

  • If you wear glasses sometimes, remember to bring them along.

The most important wardrobe tip I have to offer is to wear something that you like.
Something that makes you feel good. The confidence that comes from knowing that you look good along with a warm smile will result in an image that you love and will help you achieve your marketing goals.

I hope that you found this tip helpful! Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions.