men prep guide carmenwongfisch photography


  • Any hair cut/color should be done 5-6 days before shoot

  • Wax & Tweeze should be done at least 24 hr before shoot

  • Shave & trim

  • Manicure

  • No fake tan or sunburn please

  • Moisturize your lips 2-3 days in a row

You gentlemen may be wondering what could I possibly need to do to prepare for a photo shoot? After all, I don't wear makeup or need to do much to my hair except perhaps a quick combing in the morning - and picking out something to wear is easy, right?

Well, there are a few things I recommend that you could do to ensure your shoot will be a success.

HAIR CUT - be sure to do this at least 7 days prior to the shoot to allow a fresh cut to settle. If it's a new style this will give you some time to get used to it - although, any drastic hair style changes are not recommended right before a photo shoot.

WAX & TWEEZE Take care of any waxing or tweezing at least 24 hours before to the shoot to be sure there is no residual redness or puffiness that will appear in your photos. Trim any unwanted hair on your face/nose/brows as well.

SHAVE & TRIM Do your normal grooming for facial hair. Be sure to moisturize well after shaving too.

MANICURE See this 5 minutes manicure for every men. This should be done 2 days before shoot.

NO FAKE TAN PLEASE No spray tans please! It doesn’t look natural in photos no matter how well it's applied, or how good the product you use. Also, don't lay out in the sun or tanning bed for hours right before a shoot. It is very damaging to your skin, especially if you get burn, there is no return. I can easily give you a light matte bronzing powder or do that on photoshop to give you a “tan” look than risking you having a painful sunburn.

LIPS To ensure your lips photograph nicely, (so they're smooth, not flaky or chapped), generously apply lip balm at least 2-3 days in a row before the shoot.

Please keep in mind that these tips are just guidelines 
These are not hard and fast rules, as there are always exceptions to rules.