Your session is coming up in a few weeks. I have prepared a series of Prep Guide which I will send you bit by bit over the next few week. Let’s get slowly but surely ready for your shoot!

I like you to really pay extra attention to yourself and give yourself some “star treatments” the coming weeks, because you, my dear, are the star of your photoshoot, and out of all people, you yourself deserve all the care and treatments! 


  • Make apopointments

  • Hydration

  • Don’t tan

  • Get Inspire

  • Start a journal

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MAKE APPOINTMENTS. When booking your salon and spa appointments, be sure to refer to the timeline on the Beauty Guide I gave you. Many treatments are time-sensitive. For example: waxing your brows should be booked one week before shoot, to avoid redness.

HYDRATION. Drink more water. We all know water is important, yet we still forget to drink enough. Start now. I like to add lemon to detox, also I like to add a pinch of sea salt to add some electrolyte. Get a pretty bottle like this might help. 

DON’T BURN. Sunburns and tan lines are portrait ruiners. Use a hat to protect your face. When you do go on holiday right before your shoot, you might be in the sun, go in and out of the sun when you do. I can always increase your tan on photoshop so easily, so don’t go crazy and get burn. That’s much harder to fix.

GET INSPIRE. Go through my gallery and pin you fav images. Check out also my Pinterest board for some posing/outfits inspirations. Create a secret board and share it with me. So I can see what you like most and work toward that direction. No two shoots are the same and we don’t copy. You will always get something custom made for you.

JOURNAL. Write in a journal. Could be just keywords. I like you to really connect with yourself. Write about who you are in this moment, how you want to see yourself, which parts of yourself that you love or maybe that you have lost touch with and want to reconnect with that part of you again.

For example, I recently turned 40. I feel calm and content where I am in my life. I have been working out and optimized my diet the past few months. I am really proud of my achievement, I feel stronger and fitter than ever. I want some new photos of my face, my body, especially my legs and arms. I want my portrait to show the wisdom, strength, and definition I have gained.

Carmen Wong Fisch

If you’re willing to share some of those insights with me, I’ll be better able to capture the amazing woman you are and want to be.

I am so super excited to photograph you! Are you excited too?
Have fun with all these pampering and self-loving activities coming up.

That’s it for now, I will be sending you a couple more emails over the coming weeks. Please let me know if you need help anyway.

Please keep in mind that these tips are just guidelines 
These are not hard and fast rules, as there are always exceptions to rules.