Women workout

Your shoot is in a few weeks. I got a few more tips for you to plan ahead.


  • Go shopping

  • Move your body

  • Skin care

  • Visit dentist

  • Book a manicure

GO SHOPPING. Begin planning your outfits, placing any online orders. I gave you a style guide at our consultation. But here is my Online Style Guide with links where to find dresses on Amazon which are inexpensive and great addition for your photo shoot.

Start putting aside everything you need to complete each outfit, including jewelries, underpinnings and accessories.

MOVE YOUR BODY. Start Stretching & exercise. Try to stretch for 20 minutes each day before your shoot. Especially your neck, back, and hips. Need a personal trainer? Ilias Lampri can give you nutritional advice and help you get in shape.

SKIN CARE. Wash your face nightly, exfoliate your body every other day, use a moisturizer on your full body every day. I love to use aloe vera gel then go over it with an oil like extra virgin coconut oil or rose oil from Dr Hauscka. I have been quite obsessed with Ringana’s high tech, organic & nasties free products.

ringana eye serum

VISIT DENTIST. Get a regular cleaning and whiten your teeth. If you are looking for an excellent English speaking dentist, Dr. Bonsall is your man.

BOOK A MANICURE. Gel polish keeps your nails strong and lasts up to three weeks.

Please keep in mind that these tips are just guidelines 
These are not hard and fast rules, as there are always exceptions to rules.