wardrobe carmen wong fisch


  • Get organize

  • Hair cut/color

  • Waxing

  • Cut back on caffein & salt

  • Don’t fake a tan

Your portrait shoot is about a week away. I got a few more tips and reminders for you.

GET ORGANIZE. Gather and Organize Outfits. Complete the Wardrobe Prep Checklist on the “How to Prepare” panel of the Style Guide.

HAIR CUT. Be sure to do this at least 7 days prior to the shoot to allow a fresh cut to settle. If it's a new style this will give you some time to get used to it - although, any drastic hair style changes are not recommended right before a photo shoot. Ny from M la Suite, he is so funny and a great stylist.

WAXING. Wax Eyebrows and Upper Lip. Get your brows waxed or threaded by a pro. Try to stay close to your natural shape, and don’t go too thin. Have your upper lip waxed as well.

BODY. Wax or shave the hair on your legs and underarms. Depending on how revealing your outfit choices are, you may also need to take care of your bikini area.


CUT BACK. Cut Back excessive Caffeine and Salt. Both are dehydrating and cause your body to retain water.

NO FAKE TAN. If you usually spray tan or use fake tanning lotion, take a break now until after your shoot. Just let me know if you like a tanned look, I can adjust that in photoshoot.

Please let me know if you have any question. You should have your outfits & accessories almost altogether. Be sure to try them on, send me some snaps of you wearing the outfits.

Please keep in mind that these tips are just guidelines 
These are not hard and fast rules, as there are always exceptions to rules.