Your shoot is coming up in week! I got a few more tips for you to prepare for your family portrait.

HAIR CUT. If anyone one in the family need a hair cut, be sure to do this at least 7 days prior to the shoot to allow a fresh cut to settle. If it's a new style this will give you some time to get used to it - although, any drastic hair style changes are not recommended right before a photo shoot.

PRESS & HANG. Knowing you, you have already finalized everyone’s outfit. Well done! Make sure you have pressed everything. I recommend hanging them in a garment bag instead of folding them. Please send me some snapshots, I love to see the outfits and give you a final ok.

NO NEED FOR PROPS. It is not necessary to accessorize your session with props and toys unless it has already been discussed as an integral part of your session. We create timeless portraits that are natural, relaxed and pure, and we find that keeping themes simple allows for real moments, expressions and interactions.

I can’t wait, see you in a few days!