If you haven’t decided on the location of your shoot yet, now it is time to brainstorm where you want your family to be photographed.

I think for a family portrait with small children (age 1-5), the best is to go to your favorite park for a walk, or in your own home. The kids have way more fun being outside and can roam around, they can be free and happy. Also these photos will bring you back lots of beautiful memories years down the road.

For older children (6 & up), who can take directions and sit in front of a backdrop, they are suitable for a studio setting. Depending if you want some photos by yourself, usually, moms love this precious “Me Time”, getting their hair & makeup done, then we shoot some single portraits, near the end of the session, their family can join in. If that’s what you want, we can arrange that.

We are extremely blessed with beautiful surroundings in Basel. I have some favorite spots which I go back time and time again with my families for picture perfect backgrounds.

I look for places which have not too many people, so you feel comfortable. I look for interesting doors, textured walls, greens, flowers. If you look around just in your area, you will find many cool spots to take a family portrait.



Grün 80


The Rhein

St Albantor

So while you are deciding where you want to go for your shoot, keep these points in mind. And give me suggestions and ideas where you would love to be photographed.